Leisure Activities

My leisure activities are distributed among my interest in dogs and new digital technologies, board member and my musical hobbies.


I started playing the clarinet in elementary school, and continued to play during my youth, my studies and as an adult. I have been playing clarinet for more than forty years. And I have been a member in the concert band Oppegård janitsjar since 2011.

In the spring of 2023, I participated in “Rocke-Revyen” as an actor and a singer. It was very fun with a different musical challenge! So this fall you will find me among the ensemble when the next version of Rocke-Revyen will be arranged in Kolben cultural center.

Musikalske hobbier er en viktig fritidsaktivitet for Kristina

I step in when my brother needs an extra choral voice on one of the singles he’s recording. Besides I assist him with digital tasks for the music project «Stream of Self».

Belgian Sheep Dog

I have been so lucky to have the world’s best two dogs of the breed Belgian sheep dog. During the years we spent together we spent many hours in the woods training search and tracks besides the daily trips. Currently, I am dog-free and for the moment happy with occasionally borrowing dogs from family and friends.

Hund er fortsatt en del av Kristinas fritidsaktiviteter selv om hun for tiden er hundefri.

New Digital Technologies

The report “Digital transformation and development policy” (Meld. St. 11) was approved by the Norwegian Parliament in December 2019. Usually I don’t read these reports, so why I chose to read in this one will remain a little mystery… What caught my attention was the following excerpt:

Digital transformation is about changes that are so fundamental that they change entire communities and business models.

They change people’s everyday lives, how we communicate, work and interact with each other and how businesses develop entirely new services.

Meld. St. 11

According to the report, digital platforms such as search engines, social media, e-commerce platforms and payment platforms will still be important for business in the future.
In addition, several new digital technologies enable large database systems and computer networks to move from a centralized to decentralized solutions.

That raised several questions, and made me ponder: What does this really mean? How will it affect individuals, businesses and the web area? A lot are happening in many areas at the same time. So now my main question is: “What new opportunities may arise for SMEs if combining open source software with block chain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi)?”

Other Roles


I am a board member and member of the music committee in Oppegård janitsjar. Besides I am the chairman of the board in Boligsameiet Holbergsvei 1.