Content Designer with Own Website

As a “content designer with my own website“, I cover several roles within content production and strategic marketing. I write Norwegian and English texts, and prefer to supplement with informative images, graphics, or videos. My work also includes search engine optimization (SEO), and targeted distribution through multiple channels to reach different audiences. I also organize content, create, and manage my own websites using WordPress.

By combining over 20 years of experience as a content producer with a strategic approach to marketing, I aim to include content marketer to my roles shortly.

My Roles as a Content Designer:

Need a Content Designer?

Do you need a content designer due to an employee on leave? Perhaps you need a replacement for a person who’ve quit? Or do you have a project that requires specific expertise?

I may contribute as:

Content Manager, SEO Manager

Content Producer

Graphic Designer (traditional & digital media)

Visual Content Producer, Video Journalist

Web Editor, Web Communication

Web Manager, Webmaster

What I’ve done for former employers and myself, I may also do for you 😊.