About Kristina Lausund

My name is Kristina Lausund, and I have for more than 30 years worked in manufacturing, networking and entrepreneurial companies in communications, customer service, purchasing and sales. I came to a crossroads in 2019 and chose to become self-employed focusing on digital content and digital expertise.

Master of Business and Marketing was supplemented with web design, web development, information design for web and the certification “Digital Marketing Professional”.

My spare time activities are distributed among my interests in dogs and new digital technologies, board member and my musical hobbies.


As an employee for more than 30 years, I’ve had various roles in sales, customer service, purchasing and communication. I’ve also been an active participant in international teams for 25 years.

For 19 years I had the role of in-house webmaster and web editor.

I also have 30 years of experience from domestic and international companies; traditional manufacturing, networking and entrepreneurial.


At the turn of the millennium, I supplemented the Master of Business and Marketing (MBM) with web design & development, and information design (UI).

In the fall of 2020, I supplemented with Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

In addition to various competency-raising courses, I recently updated myself in areas such as WordPress FSE and digital entrepreneurship.

Leisure Activities

I play clarinet in Oppegård janitsjar, assist my brother with his music project “Stream of Self” – also when he needs an extra choral voice. Recently I joined Rocke-Revyen as an actor and singer.

The area of interest extends from dogs to new opportunities for SMBs with new digital technology. Besides I am a board member in the concert band and chairman of the board in Sameiet Holbergsvei 1.

Personality Test

I consider myself a social and positive person who values collaboration and community. I am able to find creative solutions also during hectic periods, and find it interesting to learn new systems and working methods.

According to NERIS® personality test, I belong to the group of diplomats with the personality type of assertive campaigner.

My Toolbox

After more than 30 years as a PC and Windows user, I included Mac and Apple in my toolbox in 2019.

Although I use Mac daily, I still use my PC occasionally.

I use tools like WordPress, Photoshop, Word and PowerPoint on a daily basis.

Feel free to contact me if you would like my advice or assistance 😊