Content Manager

As a content manager, I organize the content and perform systematically audits to keep it updated. The work includes to optimize for search engines, as well as planning, publishing and distributing content on multiple platforms to reach varied audiences. By combining over 20 years of experience as a content producer with a strategic approach to marketing, I aim to add content marketer to my roles shortly.

Organize and Audit

As a content manager, I think it is important to make sure that the content is organized such as both users and website owners quickly find what they are looking for. If the content volume increases, I must consider whether a restructuring is needed. It’s also important to have an audit system to keep the content up to date and correct, and for my projects I use WordPress CMS. I have also used other systems, and familiarize rather quickly with similar solutions.

A content manager also organize and audit content

Content Marketing

While engagement and conversion were previously occasional elements in my work, I now seek to integrate them systematically. Through audience analysis, I gain more practical insight into how to tailor content to various phases in the digital customer journey for a clearly defined audience. My ambition is to create content that inspires, informs, and contributes to establish valuable relationships with the website users.

Analyze and Adjust

What worked a few months ago doesn’t necessarily work today. Although some content worked well with one audience, it may not work with another. By analyzing the web statistics, I may assess whether the content worked in relation to the target or whether an adjustment is needed. I can continue to adjust and measure until I find the optimal.

Analyze and adjust until the content fulfill the target is another task for a content manager

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a content manager, I also work to improve the visibility of the content. This includes SEO work with text length, key phrase, SEO title, meta description etc. User friendliness also affects a website’s ranking in the search result (SERP). That’s why I work with readability not only for the users of the site, but also for the search engines (length of sentences and paragraphs, active vs passive form, subsequent sentences).


The search engines match relevant content with keywords and phrases the target audiences use when searching. I have to get into what they are pondering, what keywords and search phrases they use so I may create content that answers their questions. Finding new keywords and phrases is a continuous task.

Another task for a content manager is to work with SEO, keywords and keyphrases.

Publishing and Distribution
During my 19 years as a web editor and webmaster, I was responsible, among other things, for preparing and publishing my own and others’ content on the Group’s proprietary CMS solution, info screens and multimedia archive. Parts of the content were customized and distributed on other platforms such as Mynewsdesk, Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram.
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Self-Employed Content Designer
After more than 30 years as an employee in various companies, I came to a crossroads in 2019. I chose to follow a long-standing dream and became self-employed focusing on digital content and digital expertise.
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Leisure and Interests
My leisure activities are distributed among my interest in dogs, new digital technologies, and my music hobbies. This, together with a fundamental curiosity about new audiences and themes, is a good starting point for creating educational, entertaining or inspiring content in several areas.
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I consider myself a social and positive person who values collaboration and community. I am able to find creative solutions also during hectic periods, and find it interesting to learn new systems and working methods. According to NERIS® personality test, I belong to the group of diplomats with the personality type of assertive campaigner.
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Feel free to contact me if you would like my advice or assistance 😊


After 30+ years as a PC and Windows user, I included Mac and Apple in 2019. Although I use Mac daily, I still use my PC occasionally. I use tools like WordPress, Photoshop, Word and PowerPoint daily.


The last 19 years as an employee, I worked as a web editor and webmaster with additional tasks within marketing communications. I also have experience from telemarketing, sales and customer service.


“Master of Business and Marketing” was supplemented with web design, web development and information design. In the fall of 2020, I added the certification “Digital Marketing Professional”.