I have more than 30 years of experience from manufacturing, networking and entrepreneurial companies in sales, purchasing, customer service and communications. I have worked as an in-house web editor and webmaster in a communications department for 19 years, and are now specialising as a content designer.

Visual and content producer

As a web editor and webmaster, I wrote Norwegian and English texts for web pages, blogs and newsletters (digital and paper). Also, I created and edited images, graphics and video that were customized to the various channels.

After more than 20 years of developing visual and text-based content, I have attained an understanding of how to find and communicate the interesting stories. When creating content, I prefer to combine text with images, graphics or video to attract and engage different audiences.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a visual and content producer

Content Manager

As a web editor and webmaster for 19 years, I was also responsible for maintaining and organizing content on the intranet, external website, blogs, digital signage solution and multimedia archive. The roles also involved to prepare and publish content at the Group’s CMS solution, digital signage and multimedia archives. Parts of the content were customized and distributed on other platforms such as Mynewsdesk, Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram.

Communication and Marketing Communications

During 19 years in a relatively small communications department, I also had the opportunity to contribute with other communication and marketing communication tasks. This included to create templates (PowerPoint, InDesign, Outlook, info screen, Word) and develope presentations. I began to use Photoshop for optimising images for the web, but gradually it were expanded to include graphic design for traditional media like ads and graphic material for roll-ups and trade shows in close collaboration with the sales and marketing departments as well as the HR department.

I have also experience from communication and marketing communications

Responsible for several platforms

As a webmaster, I was also responsible for operating and managing the communications department’s various platforms such as intranet, external website, SharePoint, blogs and social media channels. In addition to create new channels, the role included planning and adjusting structure/navigation in line with the organization’s changing needs. Software updates, user access management, user support and user input regarding further development. Planning, implementation and rollout of updates and new services.

Internal Courses

During my 11 years as a webmaster, I also had the pleasure of creating and conducting internal courses (in Norwegian and English) for content owners in six different locations, so that they could handle their own content effectively.


My web journey started in 1999 when I learned how to use HTML and CSS to create static web pages. I also completed an e-commerce and web development study, but did not continue working with dynamic websites.


During my 19 years in the communications department, I participated in many projects like:

  • Find the optimal digital signage solution for the company, and then implement at six different locations. And afterwards operate the solution in collaboration with the supplier.
  • Develop an internal project model from a plain text-based version to an interactive solution with infographic in combination with text.
  • Implement and roll out new services/ functionality at the Norwegian intranet and external website.

Work Experience Overview

Content Designer, Nettdesigneren Lausund (2019-)
My roles: Content Manager, Content Producer, Visual Content Producer, and Web Manager. Some of the tasks are to write Norwegian and English texts; create images, graphics and videos; optimize for search engines (SEO); publish and distribute content in multiple channels to reach different audiences; organize content, create and manage your own websites with WordPress. Read more at: https://en.lausund.no/content-designer/
Webmaster, Nexans Norway AS (2008 – 2019)
Responsible for creating and operating websites, forums and blogs; website structure; “back office” administration; create and arrange trainings for content owners across six locations. Responsible for multimedia archive (DAM) and digital signage solution. Assisted with writing and publishing articles for internal and external channels; image and video editing; create and further develop presentations; prepare graphic material for ads (offline & online), roll-ups and trade shows; develop templates for email, newsletters, PowerPoint and digital signage.
Web Editor, Nexans Norway AS (2000-2008)
Some of my tasks were to write and publish articles on the intranet and external website as well as contribute with articles to the internal magazine; maintain and organize content; translate shorter texts into/from Norwegian-English; prepare and distribute newsletters; image editing; develop graphic material for newsletters, blogs and forums.
Group Leader/Logistic Consultant, Nexans Norway AS (1998-2000)
Planning and purchasing of pre-produced cable. Follow-up of suppliers within Nexans Group as well as external suppliers.
Sales Consultant, Customer Service, Nexans Norway AS (1995-1998)
Telephone support towards Norwegian wholesalers and installers as well as export customers. Registration and follow-up of orders, invoices and advertisements.
Sales Consultant, Kalenderforlaget AS (1993-1995)
B2B sales of calendar products with advertising. From the fall of 1994, I was also responsible for the ads production at the calendar products.

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