Category: Content Designer

As a “content designer with my own website”, I cover several roles. I write Norwegian and English texts, create and edit pictures, graphics and video. The content is optimized for search engines (SEO) and distributed in different channels to reach different audiences. Also, I organize the content, create and operate my own websites using WordPress.

  • Need a Content Designer?
    Need a Content Designer?

    Do you need a content designer due to an employee on leave? Perhaps you need a replacement for a person who’ve quit? Or do you have a project that requires specific expertise?

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  • Blog Designer
    Blog Designer

    As “a content designer with my own website“, I am about to transform one of my websites into a blog. I’m going to blog about topics I’ve been working with and been interested in for a long time, and combine these with the ongoing digital transformation.

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  • Course Designer
    Course Designer

    As “a content designer with my own website“, I will soon share my expertise through an online course. It will be both theoretical and practical, and when the course is completed you can choose whether or not to launch your digital business.

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